Top 10 Trending Laundry Room Ideas

Classic-Laundry-Room-cabinetsLaundry rooms have been coming into their own in recent years, with more thought and design savvy being put into this workhorse space than ever. From farmhouse style to patterned tile, here are the top 10 trending features of the year so far, as measured by the number of people saving photos of them to their Houzz ideabooks. Are any of these in your own collection?

1. Farmhouse style.

Farmhouse style continues to gain traction all around the house, and the laundry room is no exception. In this space, which tops our list, a wood ceiling and weathered shelving add rustic warmth to a hardworking laundry room. Smart details like an over-the-sink hanging rod and easy-to-clean tile floor (but with the look of wood) make laundry tasks easier and more beautiful.

2. Convenient placement. Putting the laundry in the mudroom, as shown here, or in a nook off the kitchen is a popular choice when the location is handy. And when you use quality finishes, like the sleek black built-in cabinetry surrounding this set, your washer and dryer don’t need to be hidden away.

3. Bold color. Since the laundry room tends to be one of the smallest spaces in the house, why not have a little fun with it? This one is painted a vibrant shade of blue, and a mirrored backsplash above the sink lends even more brightness and light.

italian-kitchen4. Patterned tile and color blocking. This laundry room manages to squeeze in two top trends: a gorgeous patterned tile floor and color-blocked walls.

On the tiled wall, basic subway tile is arranged with white tile on the upper section and black tile below; on the adjacent wall, the effect is repeated, but with paint. The black-and-white tile on the floor ties the scheme together and adds big style to this compact space.

Other thoughtful space-saving features packed into this laundry room include the wall-mounted ironing board, stacked washer and dryer, petite utility sink and open shelving.

5. Ample storage. A combination of shelving and cabinets provides the best of both worlds when it comes to laundry room storage. Keep spare laundry baskets and fresh towels within reach on the open shelves, and stow cleaning supplies and other necessities out of sight behind closed doors. A tile accent wall, long counters for folding clothes, and a hanging rod and high shelf above the sink add even more function.

6. Glamorous details. Custom built-in cabinets, a shiny tile backsplash, an undermount sink, chic laundry baskets and even a crystal light fixture find a home in this luxe laundry space, elevating everyday chores. Smart extras include a smooth surface for folding clothes, small upper cabinets for storing supplies, and sleek containers for emptying pocket contents and stashing clothespins.

7. Folding island. A spacious laundry room-mudroom combo is on the wish list of many big families. This multipurpose room adjacent to the kitchen holds the washer and dryer, reclaimed wood cubbies, and a vast island for sorting and folding laundry (with tons of storage below) that can also be used for spreading out school or craft projects. Small details, like raising the washer and dryer to allow room for a drawer underneath, make use of every bit of space.

8. Counter topper. Topping a side-by-side washer and dryer with a counter is a useful feature that puts what otherwise would be wasted space to work. Use the counter to sort and fold laundry, and to keep necessities like detergent and stain remover within easy reach. A shiny tile backsplash, mint green accent wall and framed black-and-white photography work together to create a laundry area that would be a pleasure to spend time in.

9. Sink. Whether you regularly hand-wash delicate items or simply need to scrub out stains from time to time, having a small sink in the laundry room is a feature that makes a lot of sense. Double (or triple) your reasons for including one if the laundry is also in the mudroom, for washing hands, or positioned near a messy craft area, for post-project cleanup.

10. Workspace. With such a light and bright laundry room, who wouldn’t want to work here? Tile floors, raised-panel cabinets, marble counters and a beautiful window make this U-shaped laundry space as functional as it is beautiful. Ample cabinetry provides storage for linens and laundry essentials, while desk drawers make a convenient place to stash frequently used papers and office supplies.