Preparing For a Remodel

Remodeling is an adventure full of challenges. Between the excitement of beginning a project and the exultation of completing a project there lies challenge and dust. Lots of dust. The tips below are designed to help you get through your project with a minimum of angst. The best thing to do is remain flexible and to maintain your sense of humor. After all, with a designer you will get exactly what you had in mind.

Your remodel is an investment

One of the first and most important things you can do before you begin your remodel is to be sure of what you want to accomplish and what you’re willing to spend to achieve your goal.
If you’re remodeling to increase the value of your home, be sure to look at the price/value relationship. For example, homeowners in the market for reselling their home recoup on average 81% of every dollar they spend on a remodeled kitchen. That’s an excellent return on your investment. Master baths are the second best when it comes to recouping your investment.
But before you even start calculating your return, you need to take a realistic look at your budget. Discuss what you’re willing to spend with your designer before you start to plan. We can work with you to make the most of your budget and create a living space you’ll be proud of.
Ironically, not hiring a designer in an effort to save money often ends up costing homeowners more. An expert will help make sure all is done right the first time and avoid costly mistakes.

Nothing comes easy

Remodeling is disruptive under the best of circumstances, so to ease the process it really helps to be ready. That’s why the first step shouldn’t be about tarps or runners, but about communication.

Get the family ready

Before anything else, discuss the process with your family. Tell them what’s going to happen and the approximate duration of the project. Tell them to steer clear of work areas and let them know how to use alternative areas of the home for their day¬-to¬-day living needs.

Advise the neighbors

And while communications are important in your home, don’t forget to advise your neighbors of your project. Making neighbors aware goes a long way towards having their support as you upgrade your new living space. Monopolizing all the on¬-street parking for months tends to alienate the friendliest of neighbors. Just a little “heads-up” about your remodel will go a long way.

Communicate with your contractors

They’ll help set a schedule, determine hours of work and assist with many project related details that will maintain sanity in your home throughout your remodel. Safety is paramount, so be sure to insist that your contractors put away all power tools every night to eliminate the possibility of an accident. Yes, your patience will be tried a time or two, but the results will, without a doubt, be amazing.

Remodel Checklist

Prepare the workspace for deconstruction

  • Remove valuables and furniture
  • Cover adjacent room items with drop cloths
  • Remove pictures from adjacent walls
  • Change air filters at start and during project

Creating a temporary kitchen

  • Choose a room that has a water source
  • Use a laundry room or bathroom for dishwashing
  • Set up microwave and coffee maker
  • Fire up the grill
  • Stock up on paper plates and plastic flatware
  • Eat out often

Support your installers

  • Designate a bathroom for workers
  • Insist on work area clean up every day
  • Designate a secure tool storage area
  • Identify parking locations

Get ready for delivery

  • Designate a storage area for your new cabinets
  • Inspect your cabinets upon delivery
  • Contact your dealer if anything is amiss